You have been dating Zayn for 3 months now. Since you first started going out, you’ve becomed very close to all the boys. You try to surprise your boyfriend by going to London but he had to travel away because of his family. So, he suggests that you stay at the hotel with the boys until he came back. You go meet them at the hotel and you just hang around at the pool. Niall, Liam and Louis go to the reception to get some drinks, and leave you alone with Harry. “So, (Y/N), I’m going to a party later by myself, but none of the boys know that I’m going out tonight, except for Zayn because we were going to go together. Do you mind coming with me? I mean, you’re fun and I really don’t want to show up there alone” he suggests you. “If Zayn it’s okay with that, of course. He knows I’m not gonna try anything”. “I would love to, but let me just call Zayn to see if he’s okay with it”. You call him. “It’s okay baby, I trust Harry. Just promise you’ll take care of yourself, and don’t let Harry drink too much, okay? I love you, princess”.  You tell Harry you’re going. “Okay then, 9 pm I’ll knock on your door so we can go”. You nod. The boys come back with some beers and you spend the rest of the afternoon talking and laughing. You get back to your room and start getting ready. You realise there will be a lot of paparazzi after Harry, and obviously they will take pictures of you, so you wear the bracelet Zayn gave you, a lovely golden bracelet with Zayn written in little diamonds. That will let him know you are only his. It’s 9 pm and Harry knock at your door. You open it and Harry says “wow, you look amazing (Y/N)”. You laugh and say “come on Hazza, let’s get going. And by the way, I was told not to let you drink too much” He laughs and you get out of the hotel. You enter his car and already notice a lot of paparazzi following you. You turn on the radio and Live While We’re Young was on. You start singing to Harry and he starts laughing. You definately didn’t have a talent. “Let me show you how it’s done " says Harry. He starts singing and looks at you at the "tonight let’s get some" part and then looks away. You started wondering if we was planning on doing anything. When you get to the party, you and Harry started to drink a lot, without even noticing. You were dancing with some random people when Harry pulled you by your arm and said in your ear "we need to go". Without hesitation, you followed him to the car and got back to the hotel. There were paparazzi everywhere. Harry suddenly pulled the brakes and you realised he almost hit his car. You looked at him and started laughing, and that made him laugh too. "Are you sure you can get us alive to the hotel?" you say, still laughing. He laughed and kept driving. Fortunately, you got to the hotel and Harry helped you get out of the car and lead you to your bedroom door. "Thank you for accompanying me, (Y/N), I had a really nice time" He said. "Except for when you almost got us killed" you say. He laughs and apologizes again. "Good night Harry. Thanks for the night" you say, while you get a little bit lost in his green eyes. "Good night, (Y/N)" he says, as he leans in to kiss you on the cheek. You feel his hot breath in your ear and sense the smell of all the drinks he had mixed with his perfect perfume. "God, you’re so beautiful" he said before he leaned in again to kiss you. You kiss him back. The effect of all the alcohol in your blood was 100 times stronger, and all you could think of was that man in your bed. He stopped kissing you to look around and check if anyone had seen that. Then, he looks at you, bites his bottom lip and leans in to kiss your neck while he opens the door and takes you inside. You took off your heels and threw your purse on the floor, while he took off his famous Ramones shirt. He lifts you up and throws you in the bed. He kisses your neck while he takes off your dress, leaving you in your sexy lingerie. Still kissing your neck, giving soft lovebites, he touches you through your panties. That teased you like crazy and you softly scratch his back. You whisper in his ear "fuck me, Harry". He takes his pants off, then his underwear, and you see that he is already hard. He takes off your panties and kisses your chest. You run your fingers through his luscious curls and whisper "now" in his ear. He opens your legs and enters you. He trusts slowly at first, but you beg him to go faster. He supports himself with one hand at the wall and the other one at the bed, going faster and faster. You both start moaning louder and louder, until you both orgasm. He drops next to you, you both in heavy breath. "Oh my God" is all Harry says. The effect of the alcohol starts going away and you pass out. You wake up by the sound of Zayn entering the room and catching Harry in bed with you. You look at the room and realise what happened the night before. Harry jumps out of the bed and try to explain to Zayn what happened. They start arguing. "I can’t believe you did this to me Harry, I thought I could trust you. I cannot believe you did this again" Zayn says. What does he mean by "again"? Has Harry done this before, maybe with Liam, Louis or Niall? Your mind was going crazy. Harry storms out of the room and Zayn closes the door roughly. He looked at you and said "I’m not going to let this ruin my relationship again". You get up only in your underwear and bra and apologize, trying to explain that you love him more than anything in the world. He looks mad. He puts his hand in your neck and lean you at the wall, standing very close to you. He leans in and whispers in your ear "I love you, and I promise this won’t change the way I feel about you". You try to talk but he closed your mouth with his other hand and whispered again in your ear: "I’m gonna fuck you better than Harry ever will".

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