You were invited to a party at the beach with most of your friends and lots of peole you don’t know. When you get there, you realise there are many more people than you expected. You get to where your friends are and start drinking. Suddenly, you spot an incredibly handsome guy. It was dark but his eyes still sparkled. He looks at you, smiles and says hi. You wave at him. He starts getting closer and closer until he was in front of you and he whispered in your ear “Hi, I’m Zayn. Are you having a good time?” You nodded. “I’m (Y/N).” “Come with me, (Y/N).” He grabbed your hand and took you far away from everybody. You sat down on the sand and talked for hours. He made you laugh so hard. Suddenly he stopped talking and looked at the sky. It was beautiful. Then, he looked at you. “Wanna do something crazy?” He asked you. He got up and started taking his clothes off. “What do you think you’re doing?” you say. “I’m standing here with a beautiful girl at a beautiful night, at this beautiful beach. I’m going in the ocean. You coming?” You just stood there looking at him getting undressed. No words came to mind. “I’m sorry, (Y/N), but if you’re not going to take those clothes off, I’m gonna have to do it for you.” “What?” you said, but it was too late. He grabbed you only in his underwear, lifted you up and started going towards the ocean. “Okay, okay, I’ll do it! But you can’t throw me in the water because these are the only clothes I have” you said while he put you down. “You are absolutely nuts” you said; “look away, please”. He covered his eyes with his hand, but left a space between his fingers. Bye shirt, bye pants. “Okay, I think we’re ready to go” he said while running in your direction and picking you up in his arms. You entered the ocean in his arms, and there was a big wave about to swallow you both. You screamed and he started laughing and tried to scape from the wave. He wasn’t fast enough though, the wave made you both fall and Zayn lost you from his arms. When you caught some air, you couldn’t see Zayn anywhere. You feel something pull your leg and you scream. “I’m sorry, (Y/N)! Didn’t mean to scare you this much. Are you okay?” “Jesus Christ, Zayn! You almost got me drowned! And what the hell were you thinking when you wanted to enter the ocean at night, look at those huge waves!” You kept complaining, until you realised he was laughing at you. You didn’t stop talking about how dangerous that was and he bursted into laugh. You couldn’t help but laugh with him. He suddenly approached you and crashed his lips into yours. You kissed him back. He pulled away and whispered “thank you for this amazing moment”. He put his hands on your hip, pulled you closer and kissed you again. 

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