You and Niall have been dating for a few months. Everything about your relationship was easier because you two went to the same school. You both have always dreamed about going to the same college, so you managed to keep your grades high and maybe in the future you could be able to make that dream come true. But, on this day, Niall asked you to ditch class and go to his house. You weren’t so sure, but how could you say no to a cheeky smile like that? You meet at the end of the school’s street and walk to his house hand in hand. It was the first time you noticed the silence of the neighborhood that time in the morning. “Are you sure we should do this?” you say, showing that you’re a bit worried. He smiles. You melt. He moves closer and kisses you just for a second. That made you forget everything you were worried about. When you get there, Niall makes sure that his mom’s car isn’t anywhere near. He opens the door and welcomes you inside. “Can I get you anything? Water? Soda? Condom?” he says. You laugh. He walks closer to you and kisses you again. You interrupt him and say “I’d like a glass of water, please.” He pretends to be angry and goes get your water. You take the chance and run to his bedroom. “Princess? Where are you? If you’re trying to scare me it’s not going to work…” “BOO!” you show up from behind the door. “Haha! I knew it would work!” you laugh, and only then you notice he is all wet because of the water he was holding. “Oh Niall, I’m so sorry…” “It’s okay princess, I’m not mad at you”. That made you feel a little better. Only now you started to notice his abs through his white wet t-shirt. You bite your lip without even realizing, and he looks at you with a sexy smile as he leans in to kiss you. He takes you to his bed and gently throws you. He takes off his shirt and throws it on the floor, gets back to bed and starts kissing you more passionately. His hands run through your hair as you slightly scratch his back. You shirt was soon to go. He started going down, kissing you neck, your shoulder, your chest, your stomach. He slightly pulled off your shorts and started to rub your clit through your panties as he gave soft lovebites on your neck. You moan a little and that turns him on. After a while of strong kissing and touching, he takes off your panties with his teeth and starts fingering you. You love it when he does. You take off his underwear and start to rub his dick as he is still playing with you. You realize time has passed and his mom will get home soon. He puts his hard cock inside of you and thrusts in a perfect timing. You tell him not to stop, you scream his name loudly as you both orgasm. You feel his heavy breath in your ear as he whispers “best school day ever”.

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