It’s Friday and you and your friends decide to go to a club. You’re all dancing when your eyes spot a guy. “Wow, look at him!”, you tell your friend. The guy turns around and looks right at you. You realise it’s Zayn Malik. He walks in your direction and your heart starts to beat faster. “Hello”, he whispers in your ear. He takes your hand and you go to a place more silent. You talk for hours, and he suggests going to his place. You say yes. You’ve realised what he wanted, and you went for it. When you get to his place, he leads you to his bedroom. You’re standing at the door and he looks at you with a cheeky smile. You look at him smiling, making an effort to look as sexy as possible, and it worked. He kisses you passionately. You drive your hands through his hair while he holds you with one hand on your hip and other on your neck. He opens the bedroom door and lifts you up, takes you to the bed, throws you gently, and takes his shirt off. You stare at him biting your lip. He moves towards you and kisses you again, delicately taking off your dress. You keep kissing and touching each other strongly for a while. As you run your hands through his body, you sense that he is growing. You decide to tease him by getting on top and kissing his stomach till his V line. When you’re getting there, you take off his pants looking at him and smiling, and he bites his lip. After kissing again, you put your hand inside his underwear and rub his dick. He decides to take his underwear off too. You rub his dick faster and he moans a little. Then, he moves his hands to your thighs, then to your panties, and rubs your clit though your underwear. You do the same as him and takes it off. He opens your legs and starts eating you. You moan as he grabs your waist and gets deeper. When he finishes, he kisses you again and looks at you with a cheeky smile. “Your turn, be right back babe”, you say. You go to the kitchen to get some whip cream. You put it all over Zayn’s cock and lick everything, then you start to suck him hard, and he rolls his eyes in pleasure. After a while, you go back to kissing and touching, and he starts touching you harder. He gets on top, spreads your legs and puts his dick inside of you. As he thrusts harder and harder, you both say each others names and you scream loud. He thrusts faster and deeper, and you both orgasm at the same time. He kisses you softly and you fall asleep laying on his chest and listening to his heartbeat as he runs his hands through your hair.

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