The day Zayn prepared for you today is obviously going to be amazing. He talked to Paul about him and the boys getting a free day, and he agreed with the plans Zayn made to spend the day with you. The only condition was: no one could know that he was with you, and the place had to be hidden, which would make the date even better, you thought. You and Zayn have been dating for a while, but with the tour and travelling it has been almost impossible to hang out with him. Which is why you couldn’t wait to be in his arms again. You both agree that it wouldn’t be safe if you met at his hotel and then went to the secret place, so you decide to meet at the secret place.  He got you a special driver that wouldn’t tell you where the place is until you got there, and you start to get nervous and excited at the same time. The car stopped. ”Are we there?” you ask the driver. “Yes ma’am”. You laugh because you can’t believe that this is all for you. Someone opens the door for you. Guess who? Yes, Zayn. “Ready, babe?” he says. You jump out of the car and hug him. You start paying attention to where you are, and it’s just gorgeous. He rented a house in the middle of the woods, with an amazing view to a lake, and in the back of the landscape you could see mountains covered with snow. Simply beautiful. First thing you did together was eating lunch looking at that amazing view, talking and laughing. Then, he took you for a walk on a trail. When you got back, you entered the thermal pool. The moment is just perfect to kiss him. And you do. He runs his hands through your back and through your hair, pulling you closer to him. You jump on his lap and continue to make out intensely. You feel him growing, so you look at him with a dirty smile and you raise an eyebrow. He laughs and starts kissing you again while he moves his hand to your ass, so you start to kiss his neck, saying “I want you. I want you here. I want you now” to tease him. It works. He takes off your bikini, you take off his shorts, and you start kissing his stomach, going towards his chest. “Shall we go to the bedroom babe?”, he suggests. “But we’re completely wet”, “that won’t be a problem I guess”, he tells you, taking your hand to get out of the pool. You’re both naked going to bed, and he lifts you and takes you in his arms, throwing you in the bed. He moves towards you to kiss you again, and asks you: “ready?”, “absolutely”, you reply. He smiles while spreading you legs, and plays with his tongue for a while. Then, he sticks his cock inside of you, and starts thrusting slowly. You bite your lips not to scream as he goes deeper and faster. You touch his hair and scratch his back. He grabs you strongly with one last thrust that makes you scream his name. You both orgasm. He pulls out and lay next to you, catching his breath. You look at each other as he smiles and says “I love you”. “I love you too, Zayn”. He kisses you and you lay your head on his cheast, falling asleep while he slightly touches you hair.

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