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imagine walking past the frat house and you look up and he is staring out the window and watching your every move


and when he realizes he got caught he’s all like


no just no

oh god

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Part 1 / Part 2

You hear a familiar voice in the hallway. It’s Zayn. The sound of the keys entering the door were a symphony for you at this moment. He quickly enters the room and locks the door again. You don’t even think about letting a sound escape your mouth, you just look at him with tired eyes. “Hey babe, how was your day?” he says in a sarcastic voice. You send a judgemental look at him and he starts laughing. “Do you regret sleeping with my best friend now?” he says, looking at your situation. You nod desesperaly, hoping that that was it, that he would untie you. He moves towards you and removes the fabric from your mouth. You still don’t say a word. He kisses you and whispers in your ear: “ready for the best sex of your life?”. You smirk and look up at your hands, asking with the look in your eyes for him to untie them. “Oh no,” he says, “we’re playing by my rules tonight. I decide how this is gonna work, and believe me, you’re gonna beg me not to stop”.  

He takes a small knife out of his pocket and cuts your bra off, so that he wouldn’t have to untie your hands. They were quite sore by now. He turns around and goes get something out of the bag he brought with him when he went out before. You look at his every move, quite excited and quite scared for not knowing what he was about to do to you. In one hand, he loved you, and he would never seriously hurt you. But this time he is acting like he never did before. Harsh, unpredictable. He hesitates before pulling out of the bag whatever he was going to pull out, and looks at you. “Close your eyes, it’s a surprise” he demands. “No, I won’t. You’re scaring me babe, you’re not like this” you tell him, your fear instantly growing. He walks slowly towards you, crawls over the bed and says in your ear “I’ve never been this pissed in my entire life,” he starts touching your exposed body, “and you know it’s all your fault. They all fall for Harry, don’t they? Even you. But I assure you that I will not let him take you away from me. Not again”. His touch is getting rougher, now rubbing his hand over your underwear, and you let out a little moan. He whispers “You like that, don’t you? I’m gonna make you forget every second you spent on his arms. I’m gonna make you feel better than you ever have. I’m gonna make you cum harder than Harry ever could”. You look at him in the eyes, those gorgeous lustful eyes, waiting for his next move. He takes your underwear off and throws it across the room. “Won’t be needing that, eh?” he says, turning around again towards the misterious bag. “Now, close your eyes” he says again. You obey, now sure that this is probably gonna be the best sex of your life. 

All you can hear is the sound of him getting undressed to his boxers. A few seconds later, you feel his hands touching your legs, going up. He gives you a soft kiss before sucking on your neck. “Ah, what is that?” you say, but as the words came out of your mouth you realise there is a piece of ice in his mouth. He leaves bruises all over your neck, collarbone and shoulders, in a mixture of cold ice and his hot breath, making you shiver. You are desesperate to touch his arms, his back, but you couldn’t. “Zayn, please untie my hands, it’s really hurting me” you tell him. He stops what he is doing and looks at you. “You are starting to annoy me. How many times do I have to tell you to shut the fuck up and do what I say? From now on, everytime you break the rules, you will be punished, get it?” you only nod, not daring to say a word. 

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Anonymous: Omg i looooovvveee the zayn harry imagine it is so good when will you post the next part

ahhhh thank you so much! i will try to post it today :)

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Anonymous: Please can you carry on with the Harry and zayn imagine! It's great(;

sure! gonna try to post it today!! thank you for reading it :)

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the dirty part is on the way, let me know if you want me to continue (like this, send me a message of something)

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Part 1 here

He removes his hand from your mouth and starts kissing you roughly. You’ve never seen him this mad, and that really turned you on. He grabs your arms tightly and holds you onto the wall, continuing the rough kissing. His lips travel  through your neck, chest, shoulders and back to the mouth. When it gets hard to breathe, he lets go of you, turns around and grabs Harry’s shirt, left on the floor. He tears it apart and signs you to climb onto the bed. He puts your hands together and tie them above your head. “Ow, it’s too tight” you tell him. He angrily looks at you, with eyes that showed his dark and mean side. “You can take it, don’t be such a pussy. And shut up, now I make the rules, and judging by your hands, it appears there’s not much you can do about it, eh?” He makes sure you can barely move, and then looks at his watch and starts walking towards the door. “Where the fuck are you going? Don’t you leave me here!” you yell. As soon as you finished talking, he turns around, grabs another piece of Harry’s torn shirt and wrap it around your mouth. “Didn’t I tell you to shut the fuck up? I’m going out for a while, you better stay here quiet. It’s not like you can actually move” his eyes were black and lustful like you’ve never seen before. That side of him starts to scare you. He smiled, but not like he usually does; that smile that made every problem disappear, and he gave you a kiss on your forehead. With that, he leaves you alone there. 30 minutes, one hour, and no sign of him coming back. You think of that as a punishment for sleeping with his best friend, which is probably getting his ass kicked by now. You let that thought fade away, along with every memorie you had of last night. It should’ve never happened. You eventually fall asleep, tired of waiting. 

"Room service" are the words that wake you up. Weird, you didn’t order anything, you couldn’t reach the fucking phone. You look at the window and see that it’s already dark. Zayn left you there the whole fucking day, tighten up in your own bed, in your underwear. And there is someone knocking on the door. "Please, let it be locked", you think. The person tries to enter the room but, thank god, Zayn remembered to lock it. The person outside the door eventually goes away. That’s when you realise how hungry you are. All because your lovely boyfriend left you alone all day with no chance of even moving.

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do you think I should write part 2 of this imagine?

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You have been dating Zayn for 3 months now. Since you first started going out, you’ve becomed very close to all the boys. You try to surprise your boyfriend by going to London but he had to travel away because of his family. So, he suggests that you stay at the hotel with the boys until he came back. You go meet them at the hotel and you just hang around at the pool. Niall, Liam and Louis go to the reception to get some drinks, and leave you alone with Harry. “So, (Y/N), I’m going to a party later by myself, but none of the boys know that I’m going out tonight, except for Zayn because we were going to go together. Do you mind coming with me? I mean, you’re fun and I really don’t want to show up there alone” he suggests you.

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